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How to use the Click report feature from the WordPress plugin
Written by Matt
Updated 2 years ago

Track the user clicks and check which products and posts are getting more clicks that help you optimize your money pages for higher conversions.

Note: This feature is available only for our WordPress plugin users and not for Custom CMS users.

Step 1: Log in to your website and go to Affiliatable -> Clicks Report

Clicks Summary:  Overall clicks that you received for the tables and boxes that you added to a post or page. 

Top Performance: Sorted from the highest number of clicks that a table or box received along with the particular page/post link. 

Recent Clicks: Clicks that you received recently along with the product link and page/post link. 

IMPORTANT: The clicks will be tracked only if the Shortcodes are used. A few data will be blank because those clicks are from your HTML tables and boxes that you added in post/page and it cannot be tracked.

For better results, replace all your HTML tables and boxes with Shortcodes. 

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