Amazon PA API - Invalid API Error

Invalid API error and Frequent causes by Amazon PA API
Written by Matt
Updated 2 years ago

In this guide, we’ll see how to fix the Invalid API Key error and other frequent causes by Amazon PA API.

When you try to connect the Amazon PA API with your Affiliatable account, you may see a error called Invalid API Key and it's because of one the reasons given below.

  • You should have made 3 qualified sales in the last 30 days to use the PA API feature, else Amazon will suspend the PA API feature. However, you can activate the API after making 3 qualified sales.

  • If you just created the API, you will have to wait for about 72 hours (maximum) to get the API approved and activated by Amazon. To make it clear, you will see the API status as "Active" right after creating one but it doesn't mean that your API is activated. Amazon will first verify the API which is currently marked as "Active" and once they approve it, you will be able to use it. Unfortunately, Amazon will not notify you about this, so you need to manually check it every 24 hours. It will take a maximum of 74 hours to get approved. 

  • Make sure you've given the right Tracking ID 

  • If you try to fetch many products via API at the same time, you may get this error or sometimes the product details will not be fetched. In that case, Please wait for some hours and see if the problem remains.
  • Sometimes even if you made more than 3 sales and if your API is inactive for a while, it may show the error. All you need to do is, simply delete the existing API and create a new one. 
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